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"We winged it".

Overboard, is a sassy group of rockers ages 7-14, that are ready to wow you with their spunk and desert inspired tunes. Today, they took the time to sit down with us while tracking their hit song, "Paradise" in the studio, for an interview.

*** Overboard would like you to know that 100% of the proceeds from sales of this track will benefit The Posse Foundation. Download this track now and help fund deserving future leaders with a great education. ***

How did you come up with the idea for your song, "Paradise"?
Izzy: We were talking at lunch and I told this story about how my dad and I got stuck at an airport and ended up driving twelve hours through the desert. So we put some lyrics together and it all came together.

Why Overboard? How did you come up with that?
Madeline: Carson thought that it sounded good and looked good with the logo.
Izzy: We all agreed.

Who plays what instrument?
Celeste: Izzy's singing, Madeline is on drums, Sophie is playing keys and singing a little bit, Carson is on bass, Lindsey is on guitar and vocals, and I am playing the glockenspiel, keyboard, and singing as well.

How did you create your song?
Izzy: We winged it.
Lindsey: We just played around with some chords and we came up with the chorus.

What artist(s) inspire you as a group?
Everyone: Imagine Dragons!

What was your favorite part of camp?
Sophie: I really just liked jamming with everyone.
Izzy: I am just really happy that we wrote a good song!
Madeline: I was worried we were going to end up with a song about banana monsters.
(Group giggles).

How would you describe yourselves at a group?
Madeline: Band.
Sophie: Friends.
Carson: Awesome.
Izzy: Disagreeable. But we make peace.

What did you guys learn about the recording process?
Sophie: It takes a really long time!
Izzy: I thought with professionals, that it would go quickly but it actually takes a lot of time. And they treated us like professionals which was cool.
Carson: I feel bad for the professionals (people recording and mixing) it's a lot of work!


Wandering into the desert
Venturing endless hours
Flat as the eye can see
Running out of power

Suddenly I see
Palm trees swaying in the breeze
Cool calming waters
Wind brushing through my hair

I found my paradise (x3)

I tried to drink the water
But I found it was just sand
I thought I saw a palm tree
Growing out of my hand

I saw a rolling tumbleweed
Racing with my car
Drank water from a cactus
Underneath the desert stars

I found my paradise (x3)


released July 13, 2013
Overboard is:
Lindsay Z- guitar
Sophie R- keyboard and backup vocals
Celeste R- keyboards, glockenspiel, trumpet
Isabella K- lead vocals
Carson M- bass
Madeleine M- drums



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